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Welcome back, Ghould friends!

Posted on October 29th 2022 - Alex


Warning: post content spoiler for Monster High g3 : The Monstering

We've been a fan for many years. It was important for us so seeing it again is wonderful. After battling with Nick with the help of a VPN, I finaly could watch the damn pilot.

I like the character design and the way it's animated. It looks pretty good and I'm actually excited in seeing more (contrary to the movie made by that racist director). Tho one thing bothers me. Clawdeen wasn't accepted in the school because they realized they were wrong about the rule, but because she showed monster traits and they ''just couldn't see it and that was a mistake''. It just doesn't sit right with me especily because the Bloodgood I grew up with was very accepting and didn't have problem with a normie (Jakson) going to their school (yes Jackson isn't fully human but he looks human and was seen by everyone first as such). I'm sure the status quo will change and monster high will be more accepting of human but it feels weird to praise Clawdeen for being a monster and now because she's one she can go here. It's extremely strange because monster high used monster like their minority. The reason they didn't like humans wasn't because they were gross or something, but because they were dangerous to them because human hunted them. This is probably what they're going to bring for reason of hating them again but it feels strange that you only get accepted because you're visibly part of the group. It also causes certain problem for monster that were humans (like vampires, mommies, zombies, ghost, etc.) It just feels weird that the reason to accepting her in the school was just ''you werewolf? You good'' especially since the others already liked Clawdeen and wanted her to stay. What if Clawdeen wasn't secretly a werewolf? What if she was fully human and just walk in by accident? She only got in by chance from her mom heritage. I hope eventually they try to talk with humans and maybe let one stay?

That's really the one thing that makes me wonder (well I guess the witchcraft is had also make me questions stuff) but I guess I'll just have to wait for now. It's too early to say anything about it yet

Welcome back Monster high!

Oh how the turn table

Posted on October 28th 2022 - Alex


Warning: post content spoiler for Miraculous Ladybug s5e5 (Determination) and other episode from the same season

After years of waiting and waiting, finally: Lovesquare reversal. Let's get the champagne because our mess of superteenagers are falling for eachother, again, making the lovesquare complete. Which is great for Mister Agreste but a living nightmare for poor Marinette. I mean. Finally falling in love with someone you have been rejecting this entire time and knowing that, in a different timeline, your love for eachother destroyed the world is a very good reason to not be overjoy by the news. Giving up your golden boy for the kitten knowing you can't date either is not the greatess. Meanwhile for the same blond boy this is happiness. I mean, not only do you not feel love by your family so the idea of being in love sounds wonderful, there's also the fact it's achiveable. The girl tried to kiss you before and that's your good friends who's always been there for you. Ladybug is a hero so unattainable even for her parter. Double with the fact she's already in love with 'someone else', Marinette seems like an happy little accident. Even if Marinette's life is clearly falling apart as her duty as been putting a lot of pressure on her (and even more since losing the miraculous (the first night was long and stressful even, having 3 episodes on the damn thing), she's not the only one who as everything falling apart. See it might look great at first glance; new crush, getting rid of the model life, having back his relationship with Ladybug. But it's not doing great as we're showed by his messy room. The boy is depresse and there's nothing forcing him to seem under control. So yes, they are a powerful couple that does everything together such as having their life fall apart ❤️

But coming back to the episode. Scream could be heard all over the world as the cuteness fucking killed me. Nothing will make me laugh more than Adrian being all happy about the puppeter 2 even, Marinette wanting to die next to him, and Luka and Kagame being confuse about the kiss talk. This didn't make me love Puppeter 2, it still makes me very uncomfortable, but it did give me a new appreciation. I can see this episode in a new light. Tho I will not see the episode completly again and just in clip for my own sanity. The akuma victim had such a good design just. Chef kiss. Love the wax melting effect on the clothes and hair. Power was also super cool. Very adorable and funny seeing Ladybug stopping the killing the wax statue montage to see how good her kitty looked today. How great will the future episode be. Especially the kwami swap episode coming soon. The episode this season have been suprisingly super good. I have yet to see an episode that wasn't fun or didn't make me feel things. The writers are doing a great job this season

Anyway, this was my messy impresion of the episode

Let's see what the future as for us